This list of FAQs cover our most common queries. Contact us via the Feedback form if you have unanswered questions or suggestions for new entries.

PAT Teaching Resources Centre

PAT Maths

PAT Reading

How are the resources organised?

Each PAT learning area is divided into a range of sub-strands /skills. Achievement is grouped into scale score bands. Maths and Reading have different scales. You can access information and resources about a sub-strand /skill and a scale score band by selecting each from the drop-down menus. You can also use the side-bar to navigate to the content you want. You can then access teaching activities /concept builders, annotated PAT questions and Australian Curriculum references for a particular sub-strand /skill and scale.

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Where can I go for assistance in using PAT effectively?

ACER can provide advice by email ( or phone (+61 3 9277 5447).

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How can PAT results be used?

It is critical to schedule time for staff to analyse their results to get the most from the testing.

Results can be used at both group and individual level:

  • PAT Maths and Reading scale scores can be used to measure improvement over time
  • Percentile ranks and stanines will provide a picture of how students' results compare with results of students in the norm reference sample in the same year level across Australia
  • Analysis of students' performance across curriculum content strands will provide information to inform teaching practice.

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How do I print an activity?

At the top of the activity you'd like to print, select the printer icon to the right of the title. A pop-up print box will appear. Adjust your print settings and select OK.

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How do I delete a page from my favourites?

Navigate to the page you would like to remove from your list of favourites. Near the top of the screen, to the right of the heading, select the yellow star icon and deselect to 'Remove this item from favourites'. This page will then be removed from your list of favourites and the star icon will not be yellow anymore.

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How do I access my favourites?

At the top right of your screen, select the black star icon to view your list of favourites.

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How do I add a favourite?

To the right of the heading near the top of your screen, select the star icon and click to 'Add to this item to favourites'. The star will change to yellow. This page will then be saved in your list of favourites.

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How do I use the annotated questions?

The annotated questions can assist you to pinpoint specific skills that have been attained or have yet to be achieved by students in your class.

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What are the annotated questions?

The annotated questions provide an analysis of PAT questions sorted into skills and scale score bands. The annotations detail what skills students need to have used to answer a question correctly. Some of the annotations analyse why a student may have selected an incorrect option.

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How do I use the teaching activities and concept builders?

You can view or print out a copy of the teaching activity / concept builder on your computer or tablet within the classroom while delivering the lesson.

The teaching activities can be delivered as whole lessons or you may choose to use only part of the teaching activity or concept builder in your lesson.

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What are the teaching activities and concept builders?

Created by the team of Australian researchers responsible for the PAT tests, the teaching activities and concept builders are direct-instruction lesson plans written to assist students to consolidate their skills in various learning areas.

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How do I use the resources centre?

To plan effective programs of work for your students:

  1. Assess your students with an appropriate PAT test.
  2. Review your classes' results on the PAT test.
  3. Sort your students' results.
    • If you're using an OARS group report or an Excel proforma, sort by total score.
    • If you haven't created a group report, on a blank individual report mark the initials of each student at their location on the scale.
  4. Group students' performance into bands.
  5. For each group of students, decide which content area or skill you wish to teach and select the band on the scale.
  6. Select an activity within that area.


  1. Class 5B completes PAT Reading Comprehension Test 5.
  2. Their teacher enters their responses into an Excel group proforma and then sorts and analyses the results to look for strengths and weaknesses in the class, within groups of students and in individuals for the different skill areas and particular questions.
  3. The Class 5B teacher sorts the results by test score within the group report.
  4. Their teacher divides the students into three groups based on their scale scores: 110–119; 120–129; 130–139.
  5. For the first group, their teacher wants to focus on Interpreting implied information and selects band 110–119.
  6. After reviewing the different learning areas available, their teacher selects Inferring overarching ideas, Summarising 1 as the first lesson to work on with this group of students.

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How do the resources relate to students’ PAT results?

Students' test results are reported as scale scores on the PAT scale for that learning area. PAT reports classify test questions by content or skill area and location on the PAT scale.

The resources centre has a similar structure to the PAT reports, classifying teaching activities / concept builders and annotated PAT questions by skill area and location on the PAT scale. This allows you to match activities to the achievement level of your students.

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What learning areas are covered?

The PAT Teaching Resources Centre covers two learning areas: Maths and Reading Comprehension.

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What is the PAT Teaching Resources Centre?

The PAT Teaching Resources Centre provides primary and secondary teachers with access to resources, research-based strategies and lesson plans that can be used to build the knowledge and skills of each individual student in your day-to-day classroom practice.

The PAT Teaching Resources Centre offers educators valuable support for turning PAT results into real, tangible learning outcomes.

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Are all editions of PAT Maths catered for?

This resources centre uses the PAT Maths scale scores from PAT Maths 4th Edition. The PAT scale was revised in this edition to cater for more difficult items.

As of April 2017, PAT Maths Plus scale scores and item difficulty scale scores on online reports will automatically be adjusted up by 70 points on the PAT Maths scale.

Teachers using print editions of PAT Maths 3rd Edition or PAT Maths Plus need to add 70 to their scale scores to compare with the scale scores used in the PAT Teaching Resources Centre e.g. a scale score of 25 in PAT Maths 3rd edition is equivalent to a scale score of 95.

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Is PAT Maths linked to the NSW mathematics syllabus?

PAT Maths Fourth Edition has been aligned to the NSW mathematics syllabus. View a copy of the document.

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What year levels does the resources centre for Maths cover?

Year 1 to Year 10 of the Australian mathematics curriculum.

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Is PAT Reading aligned to the NSW literacy continuum?

PAT Reading Comprehension has been aligned to the NSW literacy continuum. View a copy of the document.

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What year levels does the resources centre cover for Reading?

PAT Reading Comprehension covers the first year of school to Year 10.

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